BlackBerry supports three methods for PIM synchronization between the BES(BlackBerry Enterprise Server) running Lotus Domino and the handheld device. The entries in the personal journal (journal.nsf) and the personal address book (names.nsf) can be retrieved either by using Lotus roaming profiles, via the entries in the iNotes mail files or through replicated databases on the BES server proper. Since tests with roaming profiles which colleagues performed some time ago weren’t quite what we expected, roaming profiles are not an option. I’d initially thought that in our environment the replicated databases would be the best idea as we’d then have finer control over the replication. We even created a special agent which would create replicas for the end-user, which normally is a difficult proposition with regards to the necessary access rights (ACL) on the server. After due consideration, I have changed my mind. I think we’ll be going the iNotes way because * it avoids messing around with home-grown agents * PIM data is then available when using iNotes proper * BES user creation is easier, as BES populates PIM-Sync fields automatically The only disadvantage I can see, is that users need to be instructed to actually run the replication between their desktops and their mail files (Actions->Synchronize Address book). Has anybody automated that?

DomiNotes and BlackBerry :: 14 Jul 2006 :: e-mail