Setting up both the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and the external BlackBerry router was a breeze and a no-brainer, after Lotus Domino was appropriately set up. We are using a dedicated BB router in the DMZ and the BES is “inside”. Instead of an 8700 I received a BlackBerry 7290 for testing. OTA(Over The Air) activation worked flawlessly, and I was up, running, and quite impressed within a few minutes. Mail, calendar, PIM(Personal Information Management) all worked flawlessly, and the speed at which the data arrives on the device respectively at which the data arrives on the server is really very good. The activated WAP browser sucks. I tried setting up TCP/IP, but until I called Vodafone support, there was no indication of which APN to set up (it turns out it is After that the browser worked as desired.

DomiNotes and BlackBerry :: 06 Jul 2006 :: e-mail