Hardening Apache by Tony Mobily is a book for server administrators who want to learn how to secure the Apache web server. On 260 pages, in a loosely howto-like fashion, the author covers all aspects of keeping intruders out of your web server. In constrast to other books which appear to but usually fail in covering all aspects of Unix/Linux security, this volume explicitly takes on one program only: the Apache web server. After discussing installation and configuration as well as covering common attacks on the server, Mobily introduces logging and its security issues, and he presents some very interesting ideas for solutions. XSS(Cross-Site Scripting) is given its own chapter as are the Apache security modules: half a dozen server modules are described. Apache goes to jail in chapter 6. Here the author describes setting up a chroot environment for the server and details how to get both Perl & PHP to work. The last chapter presents a number of useful shell scripts that can help a systems administrator to keep a watchful eye on her servers. Together with the Apache documentation this book is an essential eye-opener for anybody who puts up an Apache web server to face a public network. I will be applying some of what I learnt from the book to our servers very quickly indeed! Even though it was published in 2004, Hardening Apache goes on my list of recommended books.

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