In preparation for the BlackBerrys (not BlackBerries) we’ll be receiving shortly for testing, I purchased and read a copy of O’Reilly’s BlackBerry Hacks by Dave Mabe. I found the book to be a good collection of one hundred tips, tricks and specially ideas to try out on a BlackBerry. Grouped into nine chapters, the individual hacks show the reader how to utilize a BlackBerry effectively and how to get different tasks done. From general device usage, through email and games (which don’t interest me in the least), the author gets to applications which can be used over the Internet. Here I was reminded that I can blog by email… A number of quite interesting free and shareware programs are introduced with screen-shots, which is great to get an idea about what a program does. The chapter on BES(BlackBerry Enterprise Server) administration is a bit short for my taste, and the chapter on application development unfortunately concentrates on Java (you know what I think of Java) instead of using PHP or Perl. This is a bit strange, considering that Perl is used a bit for creating utilities in the administration chapter. All in all, a valuable read, and I’m already looking forward to experimenting on a live device.

Books and BlackBerry :: 09 Jun 2006 :: e-mail