The article Centralize user accounts with OpenLDAP, which I read compliments of the Connexitor Blog is a good read. It details how to set up user authentication using OpenLDAP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (In the section on replication, I’d use slapcat and slapadd instead of what is proposed in listings 11 & 12). The author describes having used the update packages of OpenLDAP version 2.2.13 (!) I consider it quite unfortunate, that the enterprise Linux vendor still has “old hat” OpenLDAP in its offerings. OpenLDAP is currently available as a 2.3.24 release, with the stable release being 2.3.20 at the time of this writing. Why don’t RedHat upgrade the OpenLDAP packages? Is it because they are trying to push their own directory server on to the public? Everyone is of course free to download and build the newer OpenLDAP offerings, and that is what I always do of course. It would be great to be able to seamlessly upgrade with a yum update though, wouldn’t it? Perhaps Symas would like to set up a package repository for us all? ;-)

LDAP and Linux :: 03 Jun 2006 :: e-mail