Vitello Tonato is a strange sounding dish: chilled veal in a tuna fish sauce. It is excellent, though. Take a lean piece of veal cut from the rump (about 3/4 kg) and add a bayleaf and some rosemary to it. Wrap it firmly in a cloth and let it cook gently for an hour and a half in water and the same amount of white wine into which you add an onion, two carrots and bit of parsely. Let the veal cool off in the pot. Just before serving, take two tins of tuna fish, some mayonnaise (preferably made from an egg and olive oil), four anchovies and a spoonfull of capers. Blend all those ingredients to a fine sauce, adding some olive oil if required. Slice the cold veal as thinly as possible and arrange on a platter. Cover lightly with the tuna sauce and decorate with a sprinkling of capers. Serve with white bread.