There are currently 70 odd appliances available for download on VMware’s Virtual Appliances site. The countdown for the Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge ends in one day and seven hours (depending of course in which timezone you are located). I’m relaxed at the moment, because we’ve already submitted our mega applicance, which is in fact, an appliance called miniDAD located within an appliance called DAD(Departemental Authentication Device). Submission was exciting. Shovelling one and a half gigs around the place isn’t easy at the best of times, but we got it there in one piece. Not being very confident about VMware’s “it has been verified” status, I sent them a mail asking for an MD5 sum of the file. VMware’s John Troyer was kind enough to go to the extra work of getting it for me, and it really does verify. Now it is time to lean back and cross my fingers. Help me with the finger crossing, will you?

Vmware and DAD/miniDAD :: 25 May 2006 :: e-mail