Apart from the odd spam fax, I receive very few facsimiles per year, but I do need one if only to send income tax information to my accountant. When I got the new telephone, I used one of the included cables to hook up my aging (and meanwhile discontinued) HP OfficeJet T45 fax to it, but I simply couldn’t get it to sing. Neither did it want to receive a fax nor did it send one out. After downloading and studying the thin manual for the T45 and after fiddling with the settings for the POTS(Plain Old Telephone System) socket on the Siemens phone it still wouldn’t work. I then looked at the included cables a bit more closely: on one end there are two leads going into the RJ11, whereas on the other end there are four leads on the jack. Wouldn’t you know: swap the ends of the cable and I’m faxing galore! Doesn’t that suck royally? How on earth is an average consumer going to figure that one out?

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