Poweredge SC430It is a long time since I’ve bought myself a toy, so I opted for a new server “chez Mens”. A Dell PowerEdge SC430 is to be delivered within a week and will replace a number of aging machines. I’ll be installing CentOS 4.3 on it and VMware’s server will be hosting some other operating systems. The machine itself is a beaut: it is almost inaudible (at least to these ears) and packs quite a bang for the Euro. I’m giving it a bit of spare RAM and a couple of 160GB disks. That ought to be enough for the time being. I’ve already had some tests with it, as it is the same model that we are using for the small mail servers I wrote about recently. I’m looking forward to hearing the door bell ring (will it be the same girl I wonder?) although I don’t know when I’ll find the time to perform the installation…

Hardware and Vmware :: 04 Apr 2006 :: e-mail


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