Our clients in South-East Asia are quite unhappy with the IMAP infrastructure we provide them with. It is a terrible shame really, because apart from an excellent backup and recovery environment, the whole setup is blazingly fast and almost completely self-maintaining. In order to cater for the lousy bandwidth and high latency between the Asian countries and the location of the mail-stores in Germany, I am designing an inexpensive infrastructure which will be set up in each location. In essence, a small Linux mail server consisting of Exim, OpenLDAP and Dovecot will be set up remotely. Yup: I’m not allowed to travel over there, so it’ll have to happen electrically :-) The LDAP directory servers will provision themselves via LDAP Sync Replication (a.k.a. syncrepl) which I’ve had a quick look at: it rocks. I’ve been asking some (hopefully not too stupid) questions on the OpenLDAP mailing list to make sure I’m going in the right direction, and it would appear to be the case. I’ll be writing a bit more about that as soon as I’ve gained some real-life experience with syncrepl. The hard bit is how to squeeze the most out of the bandwidth problem. Some countries are connected via 128kbit and have eighty (80) users. I intend to use compressed batch-SMTP to get the high volume of e-mail messages back and forth, hoping to thereby get the biggest bang per kilobit. Stay tuned for the gory details as soon as I’ve sorted them out. I’m a little pooped at the moment.

LDAP, Mail, Exim, Linux, and IMAP :: 17 Mar 2006 :: e-mail