ThunderbirdThe four hundred users of our new mail servers have been using a customized version of Mozilla Thunderbird for a few weeks now, and we are getting some feedback. Unfortunately a lot of the feedback is negative. I attribute that to the fact that, as usual, those users didn’t get much in terms of introductory training. Instead, their copy of Microsoft Outlook was taken from them and replaced by Thunderbird, probably without as much as a small explanation of the motivation behind doing so. First- and second-level support of the users is handled sur place; we get the juicy bits. The complaints that are coming in all concern the fact that Thunderbird is different to Outlook. No, really? Of course it is different: it is not the same product. Any two MUA(Mail User Agents) are different and react differently. There isn’t much I can do about this. I just hope it doesn’t turn too political. Of course what they could do, is continue to use Outlook, configuring it to utilize our IMAP servers…

Mail, Software, and IMAP :: 07 Mar 2006 :: e-mail


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