One of the great advantages of using DokuWiki as a Wiki is that it uses plain text files on the backend. This enables me to generate pages for the wiki on the fly and, file system permissions permitting, just dump them into a directory, therewith making the result available to DokuWiki users. Knowing the name space I want to use, I simply have to put up a file in dokuwiki/data/pages/NAMESPACE/userlist.txt (don’t forget to give it the .txt filename extension) to have DokuWiki able to serve it. I do this for lists of machines and their configuration, updated userlists extracted from our LDAP directory server, etc., either by creating an appropriate file if the process gathering the data is on the same machine, or otherwise having a CGI or PHP create the file for me if the data is gathered somewhere on the network. Of course an anonymous rsync would also do the trick nicely; it just depends on your requirements.