The mail servers we deployed on the weekend are working very nicely. I have a small issue with OpenLDAP’s slapd (version 2.3.12) hogging LDAP connections, but that may be due to connections which aren’t being dropped (have just added idletimeout). In order to visualize where our users are coming from, I’ve just slapped (no pun intended) up a small PHP page which creates an image showing active IMAP(Internet Mail Access Protocol) connections such as in this detail:

Active IMAP connections

The management likes it, and so do I. I’d have liked to use the Google Maps API but cannot because one of the terms of the license agreement stipulates that the “service must be freely accessible to end users”, and it isn’t.

LDAP, Mail, Internet, Software, and Nagios :: 21 Feb 2006 :: e-mail