I recall the good old days when I used to receive Usenet news. I was first confronted with Usenet back in nineteen eighty-something whilst traveling for Nixdorf Computer AG to Singapore. The offices there had a feed which was brought in via satellite (rather cool in those days). I recall being quite impressed at the volume and content of the newsgroups which interested me (mainly the comp.* hierarchy). Back at the ranch, I knew I needed that too. I purchased a Telebit Trailblazer (the modem to own in those days, when one wanted to transport UUCP effectively) at horrendous cost (I seem to recall it cost the equivalent of EUR(Euro) 1,260 at the time), set up an upstream UUCP partner, and started slurping it in. In those days I even posted some code to alt.sources and comp.sources.unix. Today I don’t read Usenet news feeds any longer, probably due to my workload. I depend on RSS feeds for interesting snippets, and when the whim gets me, I can use Google Groups (who purchased the rights to the Usenet archives back to the early days of Usenet) to browse or search for something. If you look carefully you’ll be able to tell some of the companies I’ve worked for ;-) .