I’m a fan of del.icio.us because it allows me to seamlessly access my bookmars from whichever computer I am currently logged in to. A comment in a posting on this blog some time ago, brought my attention to Scuttle, an Open Source version of del.icio.us written in PHP. Scuttle is currently available in version 0.6.0. The underlying database into which scuttle stores users and bookmarks, can be any of MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SqLite, DB2, Firebird, and a couple others. The software is a breeze to set up, allows self-registration by users, and by hosting it on your own server, you literally own the data, contrary to having your bookmarks hosted by del.icio.us (about the only thing I dislike about the service). And best of all, scuttle supports most of the del.icio.us API, which means that most of the neat tools made for that system can be modified to work with scuttle.

Software and MySQL :: 16 Feb 2006 :: e-mail