My client’s DNS environment is mainly powered by the fabulous PowerDNS, an advanced high performance authoritative nameserver with a host of backends. We mainly use the generic MySQL back-end, and that in turn is driven by the web-based PowerAdmin front-end. I set all this up because they have a number of people throughout the world who manage DNS, and I couldn’t quite visualize them editing bind zone files by hand :-) The only disadvantage, is that when I have to add a number of zones, PowerAdmin is a pain (I dislike user interfaces at the best of times); nothing like loading up a root file into vi and doing a couple of _Y_ank, _p_astes and _c_hanges… Oh well, I added the zones with a few SQL _INSERT_s. That did the trick too.

Software, MySQL, Linux, and DNS :: 09 Feb 2006 :: e-mail