A stroke of luck. Just before we go productive on a larger scale, the Mantis Bugtracker version 1.0.0 has been released. The upgrade from 0.19.2 was quite painless even though we already have over six and a half thousand tickets in the database. The only thing I’m a little displeased about so far, is the current implementation of issue-RSS feeds; Mantis requires a user (fair enough) with which it can log-in anonymously (also fair enough), but the ability to log-in anonymously then shows up on the main log-in page. I could tweak that away, but I think I’ll just set up a second Mantis installation in an .htaccess protected area with which I’ll supply RSS feeds. I probably haven’t mentioned it yet, but our Mantis installation authenticates to an OpenLDAP LDAP directory and requires person entries to have a specific service tag (more about that in my next posting).

LDAP and Mail :: 06 Feb 2006 :: e-mail