When I started being a freelancer about fifteen years ago, I opened a business account at the Norisbank in Mainz, because they offerred the exact type of service that I was looking for at very reasonable rates. I’ve so-far been pleased with their service.

Today I got a lengthy call from the bank manager telling me that the Norisbank is no longer interested in commercial clients as they are switching their focus towards private customers, and would I please terminate my account by the end of March next! I strongly expressed my astonishment at the fact that any enterprise today would try to get rid of a client and outright asked if the Norisbank was going the same way as the fuckup the Deutsche Bank did with their -24 bit. His answers where a bit watery…

Two things piss me off: I now have to quickly find an alternative, and the Norisbank has the best online service I’ve yet come accross (I’ve used Deutsche Bank, American Express, Commerzbank and I’ve seen Postbank and Sparkasse), which means that I’m probably going to be very displeased with the next lot.


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