The Mozilla guys seem to have some difficulty getting their address books right (see also my previous rant). There are a number of differing LDAP schemas (schemata) for storing an address book entry created by Thunderbird and exported as LDIF into an LDAP directory server. The popular ones appear to be mozillaAbPersonObsolete and mozillaAbPersonAlpha. I’m settling for the latter which, apart from an attribute type to store the first line of the home street address, appears to be complete.

The LDIF exported by Thunderbird needs a little massaging before getting it into my OpenLDAP servers; the distinguished name needs completing, the type modifyTimestamp has to be removed (or corrected; it contains 0Z) and the types department and company ought to be renamed to departmentNumber and o (organization) respectively. Furthermore, the boolean types need their values uppercased (true becomes TRUE)

I realize the name of the object class contains the string alpha. Please don’t go changing that any time soon…

Update: Bob Smith has documented all of this quite nicely. In fact he even has a PHP 5 script to do the massaging.

LDAP, Mail, and Software :: 09 Jan 2006 :: e-mail