The main clients or MUA(Mail User Agent) for our e-mail cluster will be Mozilla Thunderbird and a web based program. I am currently in the process of creating an automated setup for Thunderbird which will allow an end-user to run a small program, enter some credentials and get a user.js file generated and set up in Thunderbird’s Profile directory. It is a bit tricky as there may be more than one profile per user, but it ought to be possible.

The profiler (as I’ll call it for now) will access a secure HTTP server, submit credentials and retrieve a ready-made user.js with all settings for the IMAP, SMTP and LDAP servers. Unfortunately, the Windows Thunderbird installers don’t include required code to use lockPref() in either prefs.js or user.js, but I don’t really feel like building my own Thunderbird from source…

LDAP, Mail, and DRBD :: 28 Dec 2005 :: e-mail


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