It is terribly difficult to convince management of the benefits gained from Open Source. The company I curently work for uses quite a number of Open Source programs, under whichever licenses: MIT, GPL, MPL, etc. Although I regularly try to, I’ve yet been able to convince the corporate management to squeeze off a bit of money to be donated to individual projects which accept donations. There just is no way they’ll grasp the benefits, even though I’ve even made an inventory of programs with the sums of money saved by using those same programs in comparison to commercial applications.

It pleases me all the more, that I’ve been able to get the company to purchase a three month support contract from Linbit, for our mail server project with DRBD. Although I don’t think we’ll be requiring it, the support contract is my way of saying thank you to the Open Source community.

Software and DRBD :: 14 Nov 2005 :: e-mail