This sounds a bit strange, but it tastes delicious. The inspiration came from a dish my wife had in a restaurant the other day.

Make a salad with some green lettuce, a chopped red pepper or two and a tin of tuna fish. Add some herbs, olive oil and balsamico vinegar (or any other kind). Add salt and pepper.

Now for the funny bit. Bring half a litre of water to a boil with two tsp. of salt. Put about 200gr of instant-couscous into a bowl, add a handful of raisins, two tsp. of ras el hanout and a spoonful of butter. Pour the water over the couscous and let swell as per instructions.

As soon as the couscous is ready, serve it on a plate and add quite a bit of the tossed salad. Serve. The whole thing won’t take more than ten minutes.